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Still need a last minute gift? Is the person a movie lover? If so, you might find these suggestions from Genna helpful.

Movie Film And Popcorn

There are just some movies that everybody agrees on. While the vast majority of the films produced over the last century are up for debate, there are a select few that everybody loves. We’re talking, of course, about those cult classics—the comedies that make you laugh no matter how many times you watch them and that serve as bonding material between you and the new friends you make.

For example, every Christmas, TNT airs A Christmas Story as a marathon. They just repeat it over and over and over all day long. It’s an event that people look forward to all year long. They wake up on Christmas morning, put on their Christmas Story shirts and let the marathon serve as background music for the whole holiday. Don’t be embarrassed if this sounds like you—there are lots of people who do this!

One of the great things about these cult favorites is that they make it easier to find gifts for the people who really love them. A Mel Brooks boxed set is a great gift for the person who loved Blazing Saddles. There are all sorts of t-shirts and related paraphernalia for the lovers of the Monty Python movies. Do you have a friend who watches Fight Club at least twice a year? A signed edition of Chuck Palahniuk’s latest novel makes a great gift.  They even make “the Dude” cardigans that are built to look like the bathrobe worn in The Big Lebowski.

The simple fact is that a love of the cult classics is something that bonds people together. When you’re in IKEA, standing in front of a stack of floor rugs and say “It really tied the room together” and someone a few feet away chuckles, you share a glance. You might even exchange an acknowledgement of “Dude” as a greeting with your fellow Big Lebowski fan shopper.  The same thing happens if you’re out somewhere and “Puttin’ on the Ritz” comes over the musak—everybody chuckles and shares in a moment of fandom for Young Frankenstein or, better, takes it a step further and tosses an “I can’t breathe in this thing!” out there in reference to another Brooks classic: Spaceballs.

What’s your favorite cult classic? Are you a fan of Army of Darkness? Or are you more of an Evil Dead purist? Have you ever claimed to be Kaiser Solze? Okay, the Usual Suspects isn’t exactly a comedy but it’s still relevant!

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