Bounce Your Way To Fun And A Win In @BubbleballUS Inflatable Bubble Suits

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When you were a child (or even now as an adult) did you enjoy bumper cars? We loved them in our family. I have no idea what it is about being in a space with a big bumper around you while moving around crashing into others fun but it is! Now there’s a way for people to do this without a bumper car. No! I’m not talking about being in a mosh pit. I’m talking about BubbleBall!

You may have seen bubble soccer on YouTube recently. I know I did. BubbleBall is an inflatable bubble suit that you can wear while playing sports like socccer and football. You could use them to play many sports, or even make up something of your own! Once inside a suit the players can play and play hard. They can run, bounce, jump, flip and crash into each other while trying to score goals and win without fear of anyone getting injured. The suits are available for both adults and children.

Bubbleball suits are sold online nationwide. If you’re in the New York area you can come out and see them in action for yourself and possible even try one out. BubbleBall in New York can be found at Chelsea Piers starting July 12, 2014. That’s tomorrow! Reservations can be made online at; spots are booking up quickly. The company is also currently developing a network of rental and league partners so that the rest of the country will be able to rent the products and join in the fun.


Here’s a little more info about Bubbleball.

When a video from 2011 went viral on YouTube, bubble soccer quickly developed a following in Europe and Australia. Upon seeing the video, BubbleBall Inc. founder and CEO Mahdad Taheri saw an opportunity to bring the bubbly new sport stateside. “It looked like an absolute blast; I was dying to try it. After shattering my elbow in college in traditional soccer, I also felt comfort knowing I could be protected in a bubble. I thought ‘what parent wouldn’t also want their kids protected like this?’” said Taheri.

So who is BubbleBall™ best suited for? “The product has incredibly broad appeal and everyone who sees it in action wants to play. The beauty of BubbleBall™ is that anyone can,” Taheri explains. The company originally wanted to target college students, but has been swarmed with interest from youth groups and summer camps, to the military and fitness centers looking for new workouts. Birthdays, bachelor parties, and company outings are also great occasions to play.

To celebrate the World Cup the folks at Bubbleball are giving away free products through its Twitter sweepstakes. The sweepstakes runs from June 24, 2014 until July 13, 2014. Entrants simply need to tweet for a chance to win a BubbleBall™ Starter Kit, which includes 10 balls, 10 bags, 10 t-shirts, and 2 pumps. Any tweet that includes Twitter handle @BubbleBallUS, hashtag #worldcup, and a link to will automatically enter the person for a chance to win.


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What sport do you think would be fun to participate in or watch played in Bubbleballs?

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  1. My teens would love this idea. They look like so much fun. Thanks for sharing. Super fun!

  2. That’s something I would love to watch but you would never catch me inside one of those things.

  3. I think Bubbleball rugby might be fun. It’s already a really physical sport, I can only imagine what kind of shenanigans I might get to witness.

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