31 Day Challenge – If Someone Gave Me $1,000 To Spend On Myself, What Would I Buy?

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Today’s prompt in the 31 Day Challenge is

  • 28. If someone gave you $1,000 to spend on YOURSELF, what would you buy?

$1000 Bill

I have to say that I’d never be able to spend that much on myself. It’s just not my nature. If I ever did have that much money I’d want to spend it on my whole family. So this question is hard for me to answer. At times I know I’d probably put the money towards a family trip. But then there’s the practical part of me, the one typing right now. If someone gave me $1,000 today I’d definitely put it towards things for the house that would make life easier. Like a range. Or a washer and dryer. Most of our appliances are about 15 years old, don’t work well and are far from energy efficient. Of course, I’d be sure to buy myself a few pieces of clothes too.

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  1. Years ago hubby won $500 on vacation and gave it to me to spend. That time I used it to pay for the extras we usually forgo or put on the card for the vacation. A few years later he won $1,000 on a 50-50. He gave it to me. Our kitchen needed fixing so I suggested we put it into a floor, new hardware, hinges, paneling and trim. It went quickly even with him doing the labor. $1,000 now for me–a trip to see my grandbaby but that is not possibly. Next, tough since hubby lets me do what I want–maybe more renovations (house was built in 69) OR something practical but not in the budget.

  2. It would be hard for me too and I have the same practical mindset. New appliances would be nice! We remodeled our house, but didn’t update the appliances (yet)- I think they are from 1992!

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