2011 SCOUR Project – REVIEW – Earth Friendly Products Orange Plus And Earth Enzymes

Earth Friendly Products Containers

We’re not as green as we could be in this house. When offered the opportunity to try some plant based cleaners from Earth Friendly Products, I accepted. I chose two products that I knew I could use on a regular basis and that I hoped would work well.

Concentrated and made with naturally pure essential oils of Oranges, residue-free Orange Plus is an all purpose cleaner for non-porous surfaces including sealed stone, hardwood floors, painted surfaces, linoleum, vinyl, porcelain, chrome, stainless steel, wood. The Ready-to-Use spray is a pre-diluted all purpose cleaner for general cleaning household use.

Earth Enzymes is a high tech method for clearing and maintaining free flowing drains, and clearing clogged septic tanks, and cesspools. Designed to quickly digest solid wastes, converting them to an easily disposed of liquid state through natural enzymatic action. Contains Sodium Sesquicarbonate, Bacterial mixtures, and Proteolytic Enzymes.

I received samples of the Orange Plus and the Earth Enzymes. I love all purpose cleansers. I think that they save money because you’re no longer buying separate products for separate tasks. The Orange Plus did a great job cleaning counters, tile, ceramic and marble. And it smells great, I really like that it doesn’t have a chemical smell when you use it. The drain in the sink in my bathroom clogs all of the time. After brushing my teeth the water will collect and sit for hours. I wanted to see how the Earth Enzymes did with this problem. That test had both good and bad results. The bad – unfortunately it did not unclog my drain. The good – it doesn’t smell like drain opener, it had a much nicer smell, which is a nice feature when it’s got to sit in your sink for a while.


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