2011 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – dB Logic EP-100 Earphones

I learned about the company dB Logic while at the Pepcom Holiday Spectacular in October. Being a music lover, I was only to happy to accept the opportunity to review their EP-100 Earphones.

Db Logic EP-100 Earphones review


Perk up those ears! dBLogic earphones are the sound choice with a super-small design and crystal-clear sound. Our earphones are specially designed in-ear monitors (IEMs) that fit perfectly snug in the ear. These earphones have a strong ultra-thin cable that can be worn up and behind the ear for a unique, ultra-comfortable wearing style. Using SPL2 Technology, dBLogic earphones control volume levels while delivering amazing sound quality to help protect your lifelong hearing.

dBLogic earphones come with small, medium, and large silicon rubber eartips. The multiple sizes guarantee a snug, comfortable fit and a tight seal that decreases surrounding noise by up to 26dB! Simply choose the size that fits the best, and fully enjoy bass-rich, distortion-free sound.

dB Logic EP-100 Earphones Case


I received a pair of dB Logic EP-100 Earphones. The best feature of these earphones is that through use of the SPL2 technology you can still get great sound without long term hearing damage or loss. SPL2 Technology limits the sound pressure level to 85 decibels, a setting based on OSHA guidelines. The earphones fit well in my ears and sounded terrific. The best way to tell how effective the SPL2 technology is is to listen to your favorite song using the EP-100 earphones, pausing halfway to switch to your other earphones without adjusting the volume. You will notice the difference in volume immediately when you put on the other earphones. I liked that the earphones came with multiple sized silicone tips, so you can choose which one best fits in your ear. I also liked that the earphones come with a small travel case, which helps protect them and keep them from getting tangled up in your purse. The one suggestion I would like to see implemented in the future would be a slightly larger case, one that could not only hold the earphones but also the extra tips. The EP-100 earphones come in blue, red, green, pink, orange, and silver. Retailing at $34.95, these earphones would make a great stocking stuffer or gift for your favorite music lover.


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In December dB Logic will be introducing the EP-200 Earphones, which will include a wind-resistant microphone and retail for $49.99.

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