2010 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – Zibra Open-It Package Opener

What’s the one thing you dislike the most about any holiday (like Christmas) or occasion? Is it opening the gifts? I don’t mean unwrap, I mean open. I know when it comes time to open the plastic packages and the cardboard boxes we all sort of cringe and pass the buck (or the box, as the case may be). Boxes are taped and stapled shut as though national security depends on the safety of its contents. Get the box open and you’re frequently confronted with what seems like hundreds of those little plastic ties are impossible to open without scissors. UGH! In past years we end up going into the kitchen and opening things over the garbage, using scissors and a knife as tools.And don’t forget the screwdriver you’ll need to open battery compartments! This year our holiday should be a bit less frazzling with the Open-It on hand. I’ve been using it around the house for a couple of weeks now and have found it to be sturdy, useful and very easy to use.

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About the Zibra Open-It

Cut it! – For cutting sealed plastic packaging, blisters, cardboard, paper…
Snip it! – For snipping toy packaging, twist ties, zip ties, straps…
Slice it! – For slicing boxes, CDs, DVDs, plastic wraps…
Unscrew it! – Open battery compartments and more!
Pop it! – Pop off bottle caps!

The Open It! package opener is available at Bed Bath and Beyond,Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Walgreens, Fred Meyer, and Kroger as well as Amazon.com and other regional retailers nationwide. In Canada at Canadian Tire and Walmart Canada and Zellers.


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