2010 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – VTech DS6151 Two-Line Expandable Cordless Phone System

We have two landlines in my house. One is the house phone, which we’ve had for years. The other I had put in last year for my business calls. When I’m home I can frequently be found with two cordless phones on my desk, one for each line. Not only does it start taking up a lot of room but it can get confusing. After a few months of this I decided I’d really like to try using a two line phone. The folks over at VTech were kind enough to offer me the opportunity to review their new phone, the VTech DS6151 two line expandable cordless phone system.

Vtech DS6151 2-Line Phone


VTech’s two-line DS6151 system eliminates fights for phone time and frustrations over dial-up Internet connections usurping the phone line. This family-friendly system offers an intercom, call transfer, conference capabilities and a dedicated voicemail box for each line.


* Digital answering system with dedicated mailbox for each line—no tapes or moving parts
* DECT 6.0 Digital technology provides the best sound quality, security and range in cordless phones.
* Interference free for crystal clear conversations—won’t interfere with wireless networks and other electronic devices
* Protect yourself from identity theft with digital security—your call is digitized and encrypted, making it nearly impossible for someone to eavesdrop
* Expandable up to 12 handsets using only one phone jack—uses DS6101 accessory handsets
* Dial and receive calls on two different phone lines with one phone.
* Dual caller ID/call waiting*—stores 50 calls
* Digital answering system—no tapes or moving parts
* With just the touch of a button, hands-free conversations are made easy with the base and handset speakerphones.
* Conference an outside call between handsets
* 50 name and number phonebook directory—easily store and dial frequently called numbers
* Additional keypad on base
* Any key answer
* Remote message retrieval—call in from anywhere to get your messages
* Blue backlit keypad and display
* Handset volume control
* Page/handset locator
* Selectable ring tones


I found the DS6151 easy to set up. I didn’t have many questions about it, as the phone menus are pretty self explanatory and easy to navigate. The phone has an answering machine built in, or you can use it with your phone service’s voicemail. I like that you aren’t forced to use the answering machine, you can turn it off on one or both numbers. I use the voicemail on one number and the answering machine on the other, so that I was also able to connect a multi-function printer/fax/scanner/copier to the second number. No matter how you connect you’ll know if you have messages just by looking at the visual indicator.  The quality of the calls was great, no static or interference.One of my favorite features is the built in speakerphone, very handy for while you’re hands are busy or for those times when you’re on hold for a while.  My other favorite featre is the ability to choose different ring tones for each line. You can tell which line is ringing without ever looking at or touching the phone. Most of all, I absolutely LOVE not having to have two phones on the desk, or worse yet, two phones in my pockets around the house. It’s so much more convenient having just the one phone and both lines on it.

The VTech DS6151 is available for purchase online and in select stores.


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