10 Easy Colorful Kids #Easter #Crafts

One of my fondest Easter memories was sitting in the kitchen with my Mom and Dad and dyeing Easter eggs. We’d dip them and write on them with crayons and sometimes use stickers. It was just easy colorful fun. I thought it would be fun to find some easy and colorful kids Easter crafts. I’ve found 10 so far, and am sharing them with you, with permission.

Kids Easter Crafts

Beginning at the top left corner, going clockwise:

Easter Chick Craft: Place Holders

Braided Easter Eggs

Simple Easter Wreath

Painted Paper Mache Easter Baskets

Plastic Egg Globe Hanging Decoration

Yarn Bunny

Cotton Ball Bunny

Easter Chick Craft Using Handprints

Easy Easter Paper Carrot Garland

Easter Egg Garland

Cotton Ball Bunny

Do you have a favorite Easter craft or activity that you do with your kids? I’d love to know, please leave a comment!

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  1. I have such happy memories of dying eggs as a kid, and even though my daughter is now 14, we still dye Easter eggs. Thank you for including the Yarn Bunny from Crafts ‘n Coffee in your fun roundup.

  2. Great and easy craft ideas. I have tons of cotton ball bunny plates that my kids have made. I hang them up with clothespin on kitchen twine in the dining room for Easter!

  3. Those Easter chic place holders are absolutely adorable, and they look do-able. Sometimes when I look at a craft I know I’m going to end up on Pinterest FAILED but those I think I could do. Such cute Easter craft ideas!

  4. What a fun list of craft ideas. We honestly haven’t done much for crafting when it comes to Easter, and I don’t know why. We often do Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Thanksgiving Day crafting. Maybe I should start making a tradition of Easter crafts too, I have pinned this post so I can revisit it!

  5. These ideas are all so adorable! I can’t wait to start making Easter crafts with my daughter. We will have to try some of these ideas.

  6. I can’t wait to introduce dyeing Easter eggs to my son. He has just started getting into coloring. I really need to explore more crafts with him!

  7. What a great list of Easter projects. I’ll definitely try a few of them this holiday, especially that cute yarn bunny.

  8. I have been looking for Easy Easter Crafts to do with my 3 year old son. I think he’d enjoy quite a few from this list!

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